Ice Cubes


Ice Machine Cleaning

Ice Cubes wants to change the way that ice machines are cleaned and maintained. Utilizing unique technology and cleaning techniques, we can clean and sanitize ice machines more effectively and efficiently than our competition. Because ice machines are considered food equipment, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly to promote healthy sanitary conditions. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your ice machine increases performance and longevity. If not cleaned regularly, dirty ice machines will accumulate scale and biofilm - a mold/slime composed of millions of tiny organisms that will reduce performance and create unsanitary food service conditions.

Prolonging the maintenance or cleaning of ice machines can lead to sick customers. ICE³ Clean - our exclusive non-toxic ice machine cleaning solution - ensures that your machines are in compliance with food safety regulations protecting customers from food-borne illness. Ice machines that are neglected or not regularly cleaned promote the spread of many food-borne pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Shigella, and the Norwalk Virus. A contaminated product that is unfit for consumption will severely increase the liability of your business.

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Service / Parts

Whether a quick-fix or a complete replacement, you can trust that the job will be executed to the highest industrial standards at the least possible inconvenience to our customer. If you must trust machines for your business, you must trust those who install and maintain those machines. At Ice Cubes all our technicians are HVAC and Factory certified for each machine they repair. Unlike most service companies our technicians have no incentive to “stretch” a job out or offer a quick fix to a problem that could lead to more work having to be performed.

We will do the job right. The first time.

If there is ever an issue that results from our error it will be repaired at no charge to the customer as quickly as possible. Reliability and honesty are two basic tenants of the technician/client relationship, and Ice Cubes has built a strong foundation of both. We want you to be able to trust your ice machine. We know you will come to trust us.

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Custom Installations

Ice Cubes handles new ice machine installations for buildings under construction as well as removals and replacements in functioning businesses. We can remove and install your machines during business hours in a busy restaurant and have little-to-no negative impact on your operational efficiency. We are the preferred vendor for multiple fast-food restaurants in Metro Atlanta for this reason alone. Committed to excellence in performance and customer service, Ice Cubes has a flexible schedule and crew to guarantee quality regardless of how tedious the install.

Ice Cubes also offers Factory Startup Service for most major brands of ice machines. If you have already completed your build-out, or have had your machine installed by an un-licensed technician, we can perform the necessary safety checks and submit the proper paperwork to the factory to complete your warranty eligibility.

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